The Pursuit of Happiness is a collection of motivational quotes for your daily guidance to live a #happylife. It is dedicated to create a path starting by optimising processes to find happiness. Using thousends of inspirational quotes, an algorithm creates new ones, without human intervention – the purest form of self-optimization. The Pursuit of Happiness demonstrates and criticises the methods of self-proclaimed life and happiness-coaches and entrepreneurs and pushes the possibilities of self-optimization to the limit. Through the complete creation and curation of the content by algorithms, an even more absurd non-sense is created.

The ultimate Guide
One Year of Happiness 2025

Price: CHF 28 (excl. shipping)
Print run: 300 copies
400 pages
10.5 × 14 cm
Printed in Switzerland
ISBN 978-3-033-10445-7

Daily tear-off calendar for the year 2025.
365 Days of Happiness.

Delivery will take place at the end of May. 

“Start a happy 2025 today!”

“More than a book. Also a calendar”

“Perfect christmas gift for my sister.”

“Got one for my birthday. My year of happiness can start now.”